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Will CA May 2024 Exams be Postponed? Delhi HC rejects plea to postpone ICAI exams

Will CA May 2024 Exams be Postponed? Delhi HC rejects plea to postpone ICAI exams

Edited By Sansar Singh Chhikara | Updated on Apr 08, 2024 01:13 PM IST | #CA Final Exam

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has postponed the CA May 2024 exams due to the Loksabha elections 2024. ICAI notified the CA May 2024 postponed dates through an official notification on its website. The CA Inter May 2024 and CA Final May 2024 exam dates have been postponed, however, no changes have been made to the CA Foundation May 2024 exam dates. The Delhi High Court has also dismissed a petition urging for postponement of CA May 2024 exams. It is very unlikely that the CA May 2024 exams will be postponed now. The Delhi High Court heard the petition regarding postponement of the CA May 2024 exams on April 8, 2024.

There is strong demand among students to hold the CA exams after elections. However, ICAI does not look very keen on making any changes to the schedule. There is widely held opinion that the model code of conduct in force in the run up to the elections will have an adverse impact on student's preparations.

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The general elections are scheduled to be held in different rounds in the month of May, and the same has impacted the schedule of CA May 2024 exams. According to the CA May 2024 revised exam dates, the CA Intermediate May 2024 exams will now be conducted on on May 3, 5 and 9, 2024 for Group 1, and on May 11, 15 and 17 for Group 2. The CA Final May 2024 revised timetable states that the exams will be conducted on May 2, 4 and 8, 2024 for Group 1 and on May 10, 14 and 16 for Group 2.

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Delhi HC rejects plea to postpone CA May 2024 exams

The Delhi High Court has dismissed a petition asking for postponement of CA May 2024 exams. Justice C Hari Shankar said, " A mere fact that the candidates may face hardship in undertaking the exam cannot be a ground to derail the exam which is to be taken by approximately 4.26,000 aspirants." Furthermore, Justice Shankar said, "This court is surprised that such a request has been made." Furthermore, the court observed that no exams are scheduled to be held on May 6 and 12, 2024. The general elections are scheduled to be held on May 7 and 13, 2024. The court also lauded the ICAI authorities saying they have been pro-active to ensure that the casting of votes of candidates is not affected due to exams.

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Delhi HC to hear petition regarding CA May 2024 exam postponement on April 8

A petition was filed in the Hon'ble Delhi High Court, urging to postpone the CA May 2024 exams as they fall between the 18th Loksabha election dates. Advocate Alakh Kumar Srivastava shared a tweet on his official X account (formerly Twitter) sharing this information. Srivastava tweeted, "Considering continuous requests & hardships of CA students, we have filed a petition in Delhi HC seeking rescheduling of CA Exams from May to June 2024. HC is likely to hear it on Monday. CA students, please focus on studies. Matter is before the Court now. Let Court decide." Advocate Anubha Shrivastava Sahai has also been raising voice for the CA students through her social media as well as legally. Sahai tweeted, "Some CAs are advising #castudents focus on studies But why they didn't approve preparation leave for these students when they knew that exams are going to be conducted in May. Now suddenly so much concerned about their studies."

Students demand postponement of CA May 2024 exams again

The new CA May 2024 exam schedule has created a huge furore among students. The newly announced CA exam dates 2024 coincide with the general election dates. The CA exam dates are either placed a day ahead of the elections or a day before. CA students posted on several social media platforms stressing that the schedule will not allow them to exercise their ‘fundamental right’ to vote. ICAI is still to issue any clarification in this regard.

Students and faculties alike are regularly taking the issue up on several social media platforms. The rising furore among CA students regarding the new CA exam dates is only getting louder. One of the CA students from Andhra Pradesh, wrote a letter to Election Commission of India which read, "As a concerned citizen and a voter registered in Andhra Pradesh, I find myself in a challenging situation where my exam center in Hyderabad is located approximately 500 kilometres away from my voting location. This distance poses a significant barrier for me to exercise my democratic right to vote in the upcoming elections."

CA Anupam Sharma, who is a known figure among CA students, has informed via a tweet on X that ICAI President, CA Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal has forwarded the request of holding the CA exams after elections to the exam committee and the matter is under consideration. Earlier, Sharma had posted on X, “Better late than never .. ICAI still has a chance to go into the ground reality and start exam after election. ICAI revised exam schedule puts students in so much trouble in 190 Lok Sabha election constituencies where all major transport modes like government bus and private bus even private taxis will be taken over by election commission minimum 2 days before the election date i.e. all above activity will be start from 5 May morning and 11 May morning. It means on 5 May & 11 May no public transport will be available for CA Students.”

A petition on is also getting wide traction on social media. The petition written to Election Commission (Chief Election Commissioner and ICAI demands the rescheduling of CA May 2024 exams. The petition has got over 18,204 signatures as of now. However, ICAI has not given any clarification or reaction to students demanding rescheduling of CA May 2024 exams.

ICAI to reopen CA Application Correction Window May 2024

ICAI had issued a notification on its website announcing the reopening of the CA application correction window for May 2024 exams. The correction window has been opened to allow students to change their exam centres. Students had complained that they will face transport and logistical issues and they are likely 'not to vote' in the upcoming exams due to this. The CA application correction window will open at 10 am on March 27 and will close at 11:59 pm on March 29, 2024. However, it is still unclear if students find this decision a good move, or they still call for postponement of CA May 2024 exams.

Chartered Accountant writes letter to PM regarding postponement of CA May 2024 exams

CA Aarchana Yadav, a prominent figure in the online CA community, addressed a letter to the PM Narendra Modi seeking postponement of CA exams to June 2024. In her tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Yadav said, "Dear @narendramodi Sir, writing a letter to you with final hope that exams at @theicai will be postponed to June 2024. CA Students running pillar to post for this, but no support or help. All requests falling on deaf ears." Here is the letter and tweet shared by Yadav on her X account.

ICAI not keen in postponing CA May 2024 exams

The request to postpone CA May 2024 exams has been trending on all social media since the announcement of CA exams. However, ICAI does not look keen to move the CA May 2024 exams ahead. Going by the tweets of CCMs, it is highly unlikely that ICAI will make changes to the present schedule of CA May 2024 exams. A similar online furore erupted in Covid-19 too when students demanded for postponement of exams. However, ICAI had not changed the exam dates in that event as well.


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Hello Aspirant,

See application process is already live for CA Final 2022 examination for November 2022 session so if you had applied for it then it is alright and the last date to apply for it is July 1st 2022.

Now coming to the question of choice of elective paper so don't worry because choice of elective paper will be asked while filling examination form for CA final 2022 which would be available for the candidates in October 2022 so you can fill it out at that time and till then you will have to wait for it.

You can check out more information from the official site as given below :-

or you can also check out our article for all latest updates and complete details :-

CA Final Registration 2022 - Steps to Apply Online, Fees, Eligibility (

I hope this information helps you.

Good Luck!!


No you cannot apply after the final date of registration. Unless the officials extend the last date you will not be eligible for applying after the final date of registration. As of now there are no information from the officials regarding the extension of the final date. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has opened the CA Final 2022 registration in online mode. The last date for the CA Final May 2022 registration was January 1, 2022. You can apply for December session. The last date is on July 1, 2022.

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And last but not least study with enthusiasm. Enjoy study . Don't take study as burden.

Hope it helps you.

Good luck!

Hi Aspirant,

Hope you are doing great as per the question asked by you as you have made mistake while filling up the form you should definitely mail to the required authorities regarding the mistakes you have sometimes correction window is given to the students to correct the mistakes if made any during the process.

Hope you found this answer useful.Stay motivated stay positive.

All the best!

Hey aspirant,

Sorry but this cannot be done as it is mandatory and one must complete at least 2 years of training before sitting for the finals

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